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Ever imagined flying to your favorite weekend hideaway – for brunch? Surprising your sweetheart with an aerial tour of the city at sunset? Getting yourself to that business meeting clear across the state and making it home in time for dinner?

Why not?! Turn that fantasy into a reality: Learning to fly is easier than you think! And it’s more convenient, affordable, and safer than ever.

Taste the sky and experience the sensation of flight. The dedicated professionals at Masterflight Foundation are committed to helping you achieve an extraordinary pilot training experience. Our mission is promoting proficiency, safety, and a whole lot of fun!

Whether you are beginning your pilot training, returning to pilot training after a long hiatus, refreshing your pilot skills, or preparing to make your first solo flight, Master Flight Training will help you achieve your goals.

FAA Knowledge Test
FAA Knowledge Test Seminars Prepare you in a single weekend to ace the Instrument exam
Instrument Rating Proficiency Course
During the Instrument Rating Proficiency Course you will prepare to pass the FAA Exam Then learn and practice IFR Radio Communications with live (ATC) Air Traffic Controllers
Flying Lessons
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