Discover the Thrill and Enchantment of Flight at the Masterflight Aerospace Career Exploration ACE Academy


ACE Academy participants Aarón Muñoz, age 16, and Mary Medrano, age 16

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return." -Leonardo da Vinci


• Learn to Fly Airplanes

Masterflight Executive Director Capt Mordechai Levin and Ekemini ‘Kim’ Rowe, age 16 in a Diamond Star DA-40

• Learn about Aerodynamics, Aviation Weather, Navigation and much much more!

• Learn to communicate on the radio with Air Traffic Control and visit an FAA Control Tower

• Participate in an International Space Station Mission Simulation

Marco Alcocer, age 17, Rachel Jackson, age 14,
VAN Martinez-Hall, age 17, Michael Bicanic, age 17

• Meet with Air Traffic Controllers, and Astronauts; build and launch your own rocket.

Luke Braden, age 16, Lindsey Cardenas, age 16, John Clayborn, FAA Air Traffic Controller (Ret.), Puja Patel, age 17, April Jouett, age 17

Aubrey Coleman, age 18, Julio Ramirez, age 17, Alex Zamudio, age 17

Capt. Mordechai Levin, Executive Director of Masterflight Foundation, helps Alex Trujillo, age 17, launch a rocket as part of a program to encourage women and minorities to enter careers in the aerospace industry. (Photo by Andre J. Jackson/La Luz)

• Learn about aerospace careers

Brian Szymanski briefs participants on Zero-Gravity training for astronauts.

Leadership development, communication, motivation, commitment, creative thinking, cooperation, trust, goal setting, confidence, problem solving, conflict resolution and decision-making are developed and improved at the Masterflight Foundation Academy.

“Learning to fly was so exciting – it motivated me to excel in
science, technology, engineering, and math.
I ended up graduating with honors!”

Capt Mordechai Levin with Julio Ramirez, age 17 at the controls after Julio’s first flight as a pilot!

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