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March 2009

The Masterflight Foundation’s Aerospace Education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Operations Program (AESOP) has instituted the use of Analytical Graphic’s Inc software to achieve its ongoing goal to “make a difference in the aerospace industry, including the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by increasing access to the field for young people, especially women and people of color.”

The Masterflight Foundation’s Aerospace Career Exploration Academy trains tomorrow’s space analysts and orbital mechanics with Satellite Tool Kit (STK) software
Ekimini ‘Kim’ Rowe, age 17

The AESOP program follows the Masterflight Aerospace Career Exploration (ACE) Academy initiative, in which high school students participated in an intensive weeklong, hands on aerospace course. Through the AESOP program, students are involved in a year-long aerospace education course that includes rocket design competition; physical fitness training through the Presidential Champions program; community service such as educating and acting as role models for math and science students ages kindergarten through eighth grade; Private Pilot certification ground school completion; flight training; and, through Analytical Graphics Inc, becoming STK-certified rocket scientists.

In support of one of Masterflight’s goals of training tomorrow’s space analysts and orbital mechanics, Analytical Graphics Inc has granted AESOP participants software licenses through its Educational Alliance Program. This program provides free software to global educational institutions. Students are also creating an introduction to STK, or STK 101, in which fundamentals important to beginning use of Satellite Tool Kit (STK) software, including math and orbital mechanics primers, are covered.

Together with a team of national leaders in youth, STEM education, and community-based social change, the Masterflight Foundation was launched in 2006 by Capt. Mordechai Levin, winner of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ 2008 Barry M. Goldwater Aerospace Educator Award—given to an individual of national stature who has supported the advancement of science and technology in commerce and education at all levels.

Join the Educational Alliance Program

Since 1996, more than 200 global colleges, universities, military training institutions, nonprofit educational institutions, high schools, and even elementary and middle schools have received more than $1 billion worth of complimentary software through AGI’s Educational Alliance Program. The program offers participants free access to the Satellite Tool Kit (STK)software suite, Orbit Determination Tool Kit desktop application, and STK Certification—a commercial value in excess of $100,000.

Visit to:
• Review a list of current partners and learn how to join.
• Access AGI’s new Space Education Curriculum.
• Watch video tutorials on getting started with STK.
• Download interactive curriculum tools; teacher resources; student projects and presentations; and much more.

We look forward to sharing our innovative technologies with the rocket scientists of tomorrow!

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