Masterflight ACE Academy Participants Successfully Resolve Crisis in ISS Simulator at Challenger Center

Cleared for Take-off
By Amanda Richards, age 16

October, 2007


Challenger Center Simulator Participants: Marco Alcocer, age 17, Rachel Jackson, age 14,
VAN Martinez-Hall, age 17, Michael Bicanic, age 17

The Crew:
Participants from the Masterflight ACE Academy (Aerospace Career Exploration Academy) developed leadership, teamwork and communication skills while resolving a simulated threat to the Challenger Center - International Space Station Simulator air purification system.

The mission: Rendezvous with a comet speeding through space during a window of opportunity while building a probe to collect data from the comet, navigating the stars, keeping crewmembers healthy and the ship in working condition.

Maria Sostre, age 16 and Abraham Guerra, age 17, analyze the pH of a water sample aboard the International Space Station Simulator

The Crisis:
A simulated threat to the space station air purification system.

The Outcome: The participants learned that teamwork combined with proper communication and leadership skills is the key to resolving crisis and achieving their goals.

Julio Ramirez, age 17, Amanda Richards, age 16, Luis Santana, age 17, Alex Zamudio, age 17, Puja Patel, age 17, Mary Medrano, age 16, in the Johnson Control Center Simulator

The Evidence:
Using the concept ofsimulation as an instructional tool, Challenger Center programs create exciting, cooperative learning environments that encourage long-term interest in math, science and technology and motivate students to pursue careers in these fields. The Challenger Learning Center provides visitors/students with an interactive computerized simulation of a Mission Control and a spacecraft for exploration.

The Masterflight ACE Academy (Aerospace Career Exploration Academy) is a week long residential summer educational program for high school students. The focus of the ACE Academy is on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) opportunities for women and minorities.

Students fly airplanes, experience instruction in aerodynamics, Air Traffic Control communications, navigation; meet with astronauts, Flight Surgeons, participate in an interactive computerized simulation of a Mission Control and a spacecraft for exploration, visit Air Traffic Control towers and air route traffic control centers, build and launch rockets.

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