Corporate Affiliate Recognition


Contributions received from the Corporate Affiliate program helps support Masterflight Foundation initiatives that make a difference and transform the lives of young people by investing in their future.

This program is a reciprocal partnership that generates revenue through annual contributions to support Masterflight Foundation. Our initiatives develop culturally sensitive programs and materials that inspire, recruit and retain STEM students and instructors form diverse populations. Masterflight’s Campaign for Proportional Representation impacts policies and promotes best practices at top universities and aerospace companies.

Each Corporation participating in the Affiliate Program receives:

• Certificate of Appreciation, Recognition
• An Official Press Release from Masterflight Foundation
• A link on Masterflight Foundation’s Website
• Recognition in Masterflight Foundation’s Newsletter “Cleared for Take-Off”

Levels of Sponsorship:


$50,000 and up annually

$30,000 and up annually

$20,000 and up annually

$15,000 and up annually

$5,000 and up annually

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