FAA Knowledge Test Seminars

Masterflight's FAA Knowledge Test Seminars prepare you to pass your Private Pilot and Instrument Rating in a single weekend.

Pass the Federal Aviation Administration's Written Exam In a Single Weekend — GUARANTEED!

Here are THREE REASONS why it’s a better choice than any other ground school on the market:

Airlines, Cargo and Military training operations  utilize the accelerated flight and ground training concept because it works.

Fasten your seat belts for the most intense and fun ground school in the industry. Our 95% first time pass-rate is all the proof you need.

If you’re unsatisfied with anything for any reason at any time we'll refund every penny of the purchase price without asking a single question (even if you’ve already completed the course.)

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Register Here for Private Pilot Flight Training Weekend Ground School

The Chicago Marriott Northwest
4800 Hoffman Boulevard
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

October 05-06, 2019

Register Here for Instrument Rating Flight Training Weekend Ground School

The Chicago Marriott Northwest
4800 Hoffman Boulevard
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

October 12-13, 2019

All Seminars are $695. (test center fee not included.)

Pass Your Exam With Flying Colors

We measure your progress after each topic to ensure you are prepared to pass the computerized/written examination. When we sign your logbooks and issue a graduation certificate - you will have the confidence to take the exam with the knowledge that you've already demonstrated your ability to pass - THE FIRST TIME.


For almost ten years, the Master-Flight-Training Instructors proved that by taking one of our Weekend Ground Schools, student pilots can BEAT THE ODDS. Nationally, over 70% of student pilots that do not take this course drop out of pilot training.

Overcome the biggest obstacle to obtaining the Private Pilot Certificate and the Instrument Pilot Rating

Master-Flight-Training recognized that the lack of time to attend ground school classes coincides with the lack of confidence to pass the Private Pilot and Instrument Rating exams. Overcoming one of the biggest obstacles to obtaining the Private Pilot Certificate and the Instrument Rating by completing ground school quickly and passing the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge test or FAA Instrument Rating Knowledge Test  while the information is fresh is the solution for some.

Students that cannot make the commitment to faithfully attend a multi-week program or the time to sit in front of a computer for an online course should consider attending Master-Flight Full-Emersion 2-Day Ground School. Even student pilots that have attended a multi-week program or taken an on-line/DVD course should consider attending the 2-Day Ground School as a review to assure passage of the Federal Aviation Administration computerized/written exam.

Classes begin at 7:30 a.m. sharp on Saturday and Sunday

Meet your Masterflight Lead Instructor

Mordechai Levin

Mordechai Levin
Gold Seal Flight Instructor / Masterflight Instructor
2008 FAA Flight Instructor of the year
2012 FAA Safety Team Representative of the year

What You Will Learn During the Instrument Flight Training Weekend Ground School Seminar

Weather Theory
Weather Services
Flight Instruments and Navigation
Federal Aviation Administration Regulations
Flight Planning
Enroute and Approach Charts
Missed Approaches
Aeromedical Factors

Flight Instructors, FBOs and Airport Managers Can Also Beat the Odds

Getting students through the Private Pilot Training and Instrument Flight Training FAA Knowledge Test quickly vastly increases student retention rate. Bottom Line: Master-Flight-Training proves that our Private Pilot and Instrument Flight Training ground schools yield more students, more satisfied clients, more aircraft rental sales, more flight instruction sales, more pilot supplies and more fuel sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many questions are on the Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test?

A: 60

Q: What type of questions are on the test?

A: Multiple choice - For example:

One of the main functions of flaps during approach and landing is to:

A) decrease the angle of descent without increasing the airspeed.
B) permit a touchdown at a higher indicated airspeed.
C) increase the angle of descent without increasing the airspeed.

Q: What is the passing score?

A: 70% (42 or more) of 60 questions must be answered correctly.

Q: How much time does it take to complete the test?

A: You are allowed two and one half hours to complete the exam. The national average is 73 minutes. The minimum time for successful completion is two minutes. Masterflight weekend ground school graduates often complete the test in less than one hour.

Q: Where can I take the test?

A: FAA-Designated Computer Testing Centers have been certificated to administer FAA knowledge tests. Applicants will be charged a $150 fee for the administration of FAA knowledge tests (not included in the Weekend Ground school fee.). Test registration numbers and a complete list of test centers can be downloaded from the Regulatory Support Division’s web site.Contact your local FSDO to obtain information concerning an FAA Designated Computer Testing Center in your area.

Q: What document or documents must I present prior to taking the knowledge test?

A:Your Masterflight Instructor will provide all weekend ground school participants that complete the course a graduation certificate suitable for framing and a Pilot's Logbook endorsement certifying that they have satisfactorily completed an applicable ground training course and are prepared for the knowledge test.

Q: If I fail the knowledge test, is there any way to determine the areas in which I need additional work, so I can study for a retest?

A: Yes. You will receive an Airman Test Report from the testing center. The test report will contain your test score and will also list topic and content descriptions for the areas in which you were deficient.

Q: If I pass the knowledge test, will I receive the same information concerning areas in which I need additional work as I would if I failed the test?

A: Yes. (Refer to the previous answer.)

Q. How long is a satisfactorily completed knowledge test valid?

A: 2 years. A satisfactorily completed knowledge test expires at the end of the day of the 24th month after the month in which it was taken. If a practical test is not satisfactorily completed during that period, another knowledge test must be taken.

Q: May I take the test on Sunday evening – immediately after the ground school.

A: Technically – yes. However, Masterflight recommends waiting until Monday morning before taking the test so you are better refreshed. Research supports that test scores are highest on Monday and Tuesday following the weekend ground school.

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