2008 FAA GLR Names
Capt Mordechai Levin
Flight Instructor of the Year

April, 2008

In each of the past 45 years, the GA Awards program and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) have recognized a small group of aviation professionals in the fields of flight instruction, safety, and avionics, and for their contributions to aviation, education, and flight safety.

This awards program is a cooperative effort between the Federal Aviation Administration and more than a dozen industry sponsors. The selection process begins with local Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team managers at Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) and then moves on to the eight regional Federal Aviation Administration offices.

The recipient of this year’s Great Lakes Region award is Captain Mordechai Levin, Executive Director of the Masterflight Foundation, Certified Flight Instructor of the Year.

The inscription on Captain Levin’s plaque included:


The General Aviation Awards program executive committee includes the Federal Aviation Administration, Aircraft Electronics Ass'n (AEA), and the National Ass'n of Flight Instructors (NAFI). Additional support and sponsorship are provided by Women in Aviation International (WAI), the Professional Aviation Maintenance Ass'n (PAMA), the National Business Aviation Ass'n (NBAA), the National Ass'n of State Aviation Officials (NASAO), the National Air Transportation Ass'n (NATA), the Helicopter Ass'n International (HAI), the General Aviation Manufacturers Ass'n (GAMA), the Experimental Aircraft Ass'n (EAA), the Aircraft Maintenance Technology Society (AMT Society), the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Ass'n (AOPA) and the Aeronautical Repair Station Ass'n (ARSA).

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