Masterflight Foundation Founder Mordechai Levin

Capt. Mordechai Levin is widely recognized as one of the top international authorities in the area of Flight Training, Aerospace Education, and Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education and workforce development.

Capt Mordechai Levin, Aerospace Educator

Capt Mordechai Levin, Aerospace Educator

Civil Air Patrol profiled him in Volunteer: "Capt. Mordechai Levin has shared the thrill and enchantment of flight with tomorrow's aerospace leaders. ...Levin has demonstrated time and again the value of reaching out to women and minorities, encouraging them to find their rightful place in aviation and aerospace."

From left to right: National Commander Major General Amy Courter, Illinois Wing’s Captain Mordechai Levin, Great Lakes Region Commander Colonel Charles Carr, Jr. Photo Credit: NHQ PA staff Susan C. Robertson)

Together with a team of national leaders in youth, STEM education, and community-based social change, the Masterflight Foundation was launched in 2006 by Capt. Levin, who serves as Masterflight's Executive Director.

Capt. Levin is the Winner of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ 2008 Barry M. Goldwater Aerospace Educator Award—given to an individual of national stature who has supported the advancement of science and technology in commerce and education at all levels saying "Your lifelong commitment to and most outstanding contribution of enduring value is increasing access to aerospace education and careers for women and diverse populations."

From Left to Right, AIAA President Lt. Gen. George Muellner (Ret.), Capt. Mordechai Levin, and AIAA National Capital Section Chair Edward Yarbrough.

“Levin’s bravery in speaking truth to power is inspiring. He passionately acts on his commitment to diversity in the aerospace field, and he enthusiastically challenges others.”

Recently, to an audience of the most prestigious, established powers in the aerospace science and engineering community, including the Secretary of the Air Force, he described how, like the air we breathe, the answer to the challenge of a declining aerospace workforce surrounds us. Further engaging women and minorities in aerospace and demanding proportional representation could be the answer, and he challenged the audience to take urgent action.

As a result, for the 2009 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Inside Aerospace International Forum for Aviation and Space Leaders, “Building and Retaining the Aerospace Workforce,” AIAA created a session focusing on diversity and asked Levin to chair it. Levin assembled a world class panel for this landmark event. Their willingness to participate speaks to Levin's stature in the field of promoting women and minorities in STEM.

Session 6: Focus on Diversity—Tapping a Virtually Untouched Resource Pool Chaired by: Mordechai Levin, Masterflight Foundation

Why aren’t our industry’s demographics closer to the national averages? We’re missing the benefits of these diverse perspectives and skills! The current and projected shortage of aerospace professionals will disappear only when women and members of other traditionally underrepresented groups join the aerospace workforce in proportion to their representation in the overall labor force. This session focuses on removal of barriers that keep minorities or women from pursuing aerospace careers.

Topics: Removing the barriers that formally or informally have a disproportionate effect on the ability of minorities or women to pursue aerospace careers; providing opportunities for minorities and women to develop as aerospace educators and self-identifiable aerospace professional role models; developing the interest of individuals from underrepresented groups in undertaking aerospace careers.

Moderator: Mordechai Levin, Masterflight Foundation, Richmond, IL


Tyrone Taborn, CEO and Publisher, Career Communications Group, Inc., Baltimore, MD

Nancy Hopkins, Amgen, Inc. Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

In addition to AIAA's prestigious award, Capt Levin was recently recognized by: HENAAC – Luminary Award, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - GLR Flight Instructor of the Year, National Association of Rocketry’s Cannon Education Award, and Civil Air Patrol’s Aerospace Educator/Brewer Award.

Levin (left) has also served as a Search and Rescue/Disaster Relief Air Operations Branch Director, FAA Gold Seal/Master Flight Instructor, Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Officer, G1000 Check Pilot Examiner, Cadet Orientation Pilot, and National Incident Management System (NIMS) Advanced Incident Command System (ICS) instructor.

Levin's passion for proportional representation of minorities and women in the aerospace field is evident from his impressive record of achievement. His bravery in speaking truth to power is inspiring. He acts on his commitment to diversity in the aerospace field, and he enthusiastically challenges others.

Captain Levin insists on specific, measurable, actionable, and realistic, next steps towards ensuring the proportional representation of women and minorities in aerospace careers. He forcefully expresses ideas that others only whisper. Levin’s energy and passion have already changed lives. Mordechai works indefatigably to influence aerospace workforce development policy.

Capt. Levin speaks widely in the US and abroad as a professional speaker on flight training, diversity in aerospace education and workforce development, Advanced Incident Command System Training, and Non-Profit Corporate Governance.

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