Northrop Grumman Gives the Masterflight Foundation’s Aerospace Education STEM Operations Program (AESOP) a Boost

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December 2008

Support from a generous grant recently awarded by the Northrop Grumman Corporation to the Masterflight Foundation, will help ensure the creation of positive role models from diverse populations and economic backgrounds that will inspire young men and women to achieve their full potential.

The Masterflight Aerospace Education Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Operations Program (AESOP). is structured to provide a positive leadership experience for students. Upon completion students will be well versed in aviation and space, educational psychology, curricular design, fundamental leadership theory and application, physical fitness, and other training activities that are challenging, fun and the envy of their peers. This will be a flagship program that provides hope for a successful future, and shows the participants how to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Utilizing faculty mentors and consultants the program will be conducted by and for students after school, on weekends, and during vacations.

As part of the participant’s community service training, primary and secondary students are exposed to hands-on aerospace education activities.

Included in AESOP are:

• Private Pilot Certification Course Ground Training (Basic

Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, Federal Aviation

Regulations, Airport Operations, Air Traffic Control communications,

Meteorology for Pilots, Navigation, Aviation Physiology, Aeronautical

Decision Making.)

• Model Rocketry training program including participation in the

planning, design, and testing, of an entry into the Team America Rocketry


• Introduction to Space Course /Orbital Mechanics Course including

use of the Satellite Tool Kit (STK) application and real-time tracking of

the International Space Station.

• A community service project bringing hands-on aerospace education

activities to primary and/or secondary school students.

• A physical fitness program modeled on the President’s Challenge

including the Active Lifestyle program, the Presidential Champions

program, the Physical Fitness Test and the Health Fitness Test.

The goal of the Masterflight Foundation is to make a difference in the aerospace industry, including the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics by increasing access to the field for young men and women, especially people of color.

The Northrop Grumman Corporation strives to be a community partner of choice. Through dynamic partnerships, Northrop Grumman’s philanthropy programs help to address the challenges facing our nation and our local communities and strive to meet the diverse needs of the people of those communities.

To make the most effective use of resources and expertise, Northrop Grumman identifies priority issues and key initiatives for investment through the Corporate Contributions program. The main focus is STEM education and partnerships with organizations that provide unique programming to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and technicians.

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