Wolf Aviation Fund Awards Masterflight Foundation and Scheer Intelligence Grant for Aerospace Workforce Development Initiative

April 2009


Support from a grant recently awarded by the Alfred L. and Constance C. Wolf Aviation Fund will allow Masterflight Foundation and Scheer Intelligence to collaborate and incorporate key findings and recommendations derived from two NCASE 2008 presentations.

The first set of recommendations resulted from a participant discussion following the Session: “20/20 Vision: Recapturing the gains in STEM education and workforce made in the wake of the Sputnik challenge” presented by Masterflight Foundation’s Executive Director, Mordechai Levin, and the second set of recommendations came from the Wolf-funded Aviation Stakeholder Mindmapping project presented by Maxine Scheer, President, Scheer Intelligence.

The initiative will launch the development of a framework for improving how stakeholders use data regarding aviation education and workforce development, begin the process of identifying standard criteria for measuring success and establish an interactive web-based platform from which broader stakeholder collaboration could be developed.

As presented to NCASE 2008 in Scheer’s Mindmapping presentation, there is increasing awareness amongst numerous stakeholders to move from “talking about the problem” to taking action. The most recent reports from organizations like AIA, AIAA, and the congressionally sanctioned Aerospace Revitalization Task Force, are calling for more industry collaboration.

In an example from AIAA’s recent report “Working Together to Build the Aerospace Workforce of Tomorrow”, Inside Aerospace, AIAA, August 2008, one of the recommendations is a call to: “Engage and coordinate all aerospace stakeholders to rebuild the passion for Aerospace.” One of the six initiatives proposed to support this recommendation (page 12) calls for “the coordination of all aerospace stakeholder organizations in combining their resources through a common network that assembles all the relevant data addressing the workforce issue and setting up standard criteria for success”.

The collaboration between Masterflight and Scheer Intelligence provides a measurable head start to this initiative.

Wolf’s support of NCASE facilitated the collaboration between Masterflight and Scheer Intelligence and award of this grant provides funding critical to building momentum for maintaining current data and building stakeholder support.

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